The Elements of a Real Gourmet Sweets Gift Basket

A basket of sweets is a perfect, gender-free gift. One would probably be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like free sweets.

But a gourmet sweets basket is several notches above the usual gift basket. Not only should it bear the best-tasting, most original sweets one can find, but it should come with a beautiful, highly-original theme or mode of presentation.

The Contents

But first, the sweets: what should one put in? To answer this, one will have to look at the recipients. What do they consider sweet and delicious? Would they be open to trying delicious new interpretations of their usual favorites? Would they be willing to try something completely different? Are there any food allergies that must be avoided?

Of course, nothing is as luxurious as chocolate, and gourmet chocolate strawberries are classic hits. Before filling up the basket with chocolate-based goodies, double-check if the people receiving it prefer dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or none at all (if they actually have chocolate allergies). But if they’re allergy-free chocoholics, the baskets can be filled with truly dark, semi-sweet chocolate (about 70% cacao or more), or dark chocolate confections with expensive nuts, preserved fruit, or liquor.

For delicious alternatives to gourmet chocolates, there are cookies, candies, and other confections that are gluten-free for those who can’t digest gluten, nut-free for those who can’t eat nuts, low-fat, or low in sugars and carbohydrates for those who are diabetic.

If all else fails, one can also make a fruit basket. Pick fruits that are in season for extra freshness and flavor, and bear the brightest colors. For instance, one can make a strawberry gift basket, or a combination of rare tropical fruits.

Amping-Up The Presentation

Once the best of the best sweet goods have been selected, one will have to create the best method of presentation.

The key to doing this is choosing a theme. Much like creating a theme for a room, or painting a picture, the gourmet sweets gift basket is a work of art that requires a unifying theme. Don’t just cover it with cling-wrap and stick a ribbon on the basket handle. The whole thing should imply a “story,” or momentarily transport the recipient to another place and time via the imagination.

Pick a “scene” or “story” you’d like your gift recipients to experience. Examples are the beach or a Japanese tea ceremony. Then “build” and decorate the gift baskets with elements that exude precisely this theme such as seashells or a gift card bearing kanji characters. In fact, depending on the chosen theme or “story,” one might end up choosing a different container other than the usual woven basket (e.g., a small wooden box, a plastic vase, etc.). Only then can one wrap it up and stick a “ribbon” on it!

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